Advertising of Unhealthy Foods to Children is Banned

Last year, the Ministry of Health suggested sharp tightening of legislation on the marketing of unhealthy products, but the reactions were not long. One of the proposals met with opposition from the food and beverage industry. 

The proposal meant to ban the marketing of unhealthy food and drink to children and young people under 18. Criticism from the industry was that this would be a total ban on the marketing of such products in practice.

– We’ve tried to clear the elements that have created confusion and frustration. One of the most important changes we are proposing is to change the age limit from persons under 18 years, people even 15 years, and it is done after a comprehensive evaluation, said Deputy Minister of Health and Care Services, Nina Tangnæs Grønvold.

This means that marketing of unhealthy food and drink to children under 16 will be banned. In the consultation paper, the Ministry writes that such age limit will be less restrictive, and it will be easier to distinguish marketing to 15 year olds from marketing to adults.

The prohibition applies solely marketing to children, and not the sale of product.

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