Breivik Sympathizer Sentenced to Suspended Prison

43-year-old was questioned by Danish police on 25 July 2011, after he had posted a message on Breivik’s Facebook page at 5:43 at the night of 23 July: “We love you, Anders Breivik. Hang on, hail and kill manowar. “ 

According to VG, the man changed the time of the message so it would look like it was sent before the bomb went off in the government quarter. 

This way, he incorrectly tried to become a part of the terrorist case, and thus incurred an investigation. The man risked up to two years in prison for this attempt, but the court sentenced him to the 60-day suspended prison as the crime happened long time ago. 

43-year-old was also charged with threats against the two prosecutors Inga Bejer Engh and Svein Holden, who brought the case to court against Anders Behring Breivik. In a video, he holded a knife standing in front of the pictures of  prosecutors, and said he would kill them. He previously told VG that the threats against prosecutors were not meant threatening and the video was completely harmless. 

The 43-year-old man was reported to have been previously convicted of rape in Norway and several child abuse. 

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