Breivik’s Advocate Defends His Book

Lippestad was criticized for allegedly violating the confidentiality of his client Breivik in his controversial book «Det vi kan stå for» (What we stand for). Bar Association therefore asked Lippestad to investigate the matter. According to Dagsavisen’s report, the association board asked lawyer Geir Lippestad to comment on several issues related to his book.

Lippestad explained why he believes he has not violated confidentiality. In addition, he showed a written statement from Breivik where he exempts Lippestad of confidentiality.

– I sent my letter to the Bar Association before Pentecost, which states that Breivik accept fully what I have written through his written statement, says Lippestad.

Bar Association will consider the matter and determine whether Lippestad has violated ethics rules for lawyers until May 31.

About Lippestad

Geir Lippestad (born 7 June 1964) is a Norwegian lawyer and head of the law firm Lippestad. He was defence counsel in the high profile criminal case following the 2001 murder of Benjamin Hermansen and was the lead counsel for the perpetrator of the 2011 Norway attacks, Anders Behring Breivik.

Lippestad is a member of the Breivik’s terror target, Norwegian Labour Party, and has been deputy chair of its Nordstrand local chapter. 

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