Norwegian Ministers and Diplomats Sued in Sri Lanka

In June 2008, Norwegian Embassy together with the British High Commission, had signed an agreement with Sri Lanka government to carry out projects promoting peace and co-existence related work for a period from 2008 to 2011. However following a forensic audit, the Norwegian government terminated the contract and terminated the agreement.

As a result, Norwegian authorities including Norwegian Minister of Development Co-operation and Environment, Erik Solheim, Norwagian Foreign Affairs Minister, Jonas Gahr Store, former Counselor at the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo Edle Hamre and the British High Commissioner sued for 6.1 million in Sri Lanka. In response, Norwegian authorities have dismissed the lawsuit, and said that diplomats could not be sued because they had immunity.

by citing the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations-1961.

However their argument was over-ruled and they were summoned to court with a decision that came this week, reported the newspaper Sunday Times. 
– We are unable to understand the court’s decision in this matter. The local court has chosen to disregard the statements of the Sri Lankan government lawyer and Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry in this lawsuit, says Frode Andersen, deputy director of the Foreign Ministry. 
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