Half of All Foods are Mislabeled

A research by Mattilsynet (FSA) revealed that 94 of 195 different food items were mislabeled. Too many products are mislabeled and provide misleading information. We understand that food producers have laundry regulations and a negative culture has developed in this filed, says FSA department chief Atle Wold.

He believes the report shows that food manufacturers must undergo procedures for labeling of their products and ensure that they stay within the regulations.

– Such labeling is a trust relationship between manufacturer and customer. Deceptive food labeling practices will primarily affect the confidence of consumers, said Wold to Norwegian newspaper Nationen.

Director of food and trade in the Consumer Council, Gunstein Indrefjord stressed they had a similar result last year and told the newspaper that he had hoped that the industry had improved after this.

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