Breivik Establishes Norwegian Fascist Party

Norwegian daily Aftenposten reported that the murderer of 77 people on 22 July, Anders Behring Breivik applied for establishment of the fascist party. The aim is to achieve “democratic fascist seizure of power” in Norway.

After he was sentenced to 21 years in custody last year, he sent a letter to several agencies, including the management of Correctional Services. In addition, he cultivated contacts with like-minded from the cell, and now Breivik establishes his own political party.

In a registration notification sent to Brønnøysundregistrene, Breivik names his political party as “The Norwegian fascist party and the Nordic league.”

He describes his party’s purpose as “democratic fascist power in Norway” – or to “win parliamentary support for the establishment of a Norwegian-Nordic indigenous state in South Østfold.”

In documents Aftenposten has gained access to, it also appears that the party has no control and “a one-man party.”

Is it a Terrorist Organization?

Anti-Racist Centre of Norway asks Justice and PST investigate whether Breivik’s fascist party can be called a terrorist organization and thus stopped.

If the formal requirements to form an association is met, there is no general prohibition against a party calling itself “fascist”, according to Ministry of Justice. “It is generally acts and in some cases speech that is prohibited” writes communication director Helen Thu Gard in an e-mail to Aftenposten.

It is like Al-Qaide

Director of Anti-Racist Centre Kari Helene Partapuoli confirms that there is no legal authority to prohibit a party or an organization because it calls itself fascist.

– One of the things Norway is often criticized by the UN Racial Discrimination, is that we do not ban racist organizations, Partapuoli says to Aftenposten.

She thinks the Ministry of Justice and PST must make a judgment on whether this is a terrorist organization, and whether it can be banned on that basis. 

Breivik have previously written that he believes the extreme right should be more like Al-Qaeda.

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