Norway Introduces Strict Measures to Combat Terrorism

– We will sharpen terror legislation to prevent and combat individual and organizational terrorism, says Justice and Public Security Minister Grete Faremo. 

Faremo says that terrorism can be practiced in many different ways today and their proposal takes this into account. 

The most important change in the new legistlation is making punishable the suspects in preparation. Accordinly, anyone who receives instruction in methods and techniques to carry out terrorist acts, shall be punished. By the current law, only those who provide such training can be sentenced. 

– This will affect participation in training camps which provides training in terror. The proposal also includes legal training, such as hunting proficiency course, if it can be proved that the person has decided to use these skills for terror, says Faremo. 

Criminal offense to participate actively in terrorist organizations

The Government also proposes to criminalize participation in terrorist organizations.  Norwegian courts will determine which organizations are terrorist organizations. But it will not be a crime just to be a member of a terrorist organization as long as the person is active in the organization. 

30 Year Imprisonment

The government also proposes to introduce 30-year sentence for serious acts of terrorism. Currently, the maximum imprisonment in Norway is 21 years and this issue had led a big discussion during Breivik’s terror trial.

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