National Regulations on Nikab and Burka at Schools

Several counties and municipalities in Norway consider banning the use of face-covering garments including nikab and burka at schools. Østfold and Oslo already have such a ban. Expert on Human Rights and Director of International Law and Policy Institute, Njål Høstmælingen calls for a national policy regulation for this type of religious garments.

Høstmælingen says to NRK that it’s because the issue is about non-discrimination and freedom of religion.

Education Minister Kristin Halvorsen, however, does not agree on the proposal.

– We have a similar rule, and this can be determined locally. We have not received any inquiries to make it a national policy, so I think this way works great, Halvorsen said to NRK.

Conservatives (Høyre), Liberals (Venstre) and Christian Democrats (KrF) also support the issue of prohibition to be decided locally.

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