Illegal Monitoring of Journalists by Military Expands

Last month, a report issued by the EOS committee, which oversees Norway’s secret services had revealed that the Army Intelligence Service monitored three Norwegian journalists. But, the investigation launched by the Advocate General Arne Willy Dahl shows that the scale of the monitoring is larger. A 17 pages long PowerPoint presentation with publicly available information about the journalists have been saved by the Intelligence Service.

– The reason for the monitoring appears to be somewhat obscure. But it seems that the mapping applies to journalists who showed interest in E 14 operations on abroad, says Dahl to NTB.

E14 was a unit within the Intelligence Service of Norway. The section was focusing on covert missions abroad. This particular unit was active from 1995 to 2005. The original section consisted of 140 individuals. Male and female agents worked together as a small independent unit to gather HUMINT intelligence information in various countries, including Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and Afghanistan.

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