Click on it and you will have to pay for it

Didi was sitting in his own house, reading VG, which is one of Norway’s
biggest newspapers. He had opened this in Firefox, a free and open source web
browser which is known to go faster than the usual internet explorer. While
reading VG, a pop-up message on his computer popped up asking him if he wanted a
new version of Firefox.

“I wanted to try it out, he says. 
So I clicked yes”

Suddenly the computer screen turned dark, the web camera attached to his
computer opened itself and took few pictures of him. The virus uploaded the
pictures and automatically sent them to the police. He received a fine in his mailbox and had to pay a thousand kroner.

Didi says this wasn’t the first time virus messages popped up on his
computer out of nowhere. He just never bothered to click on them before.

Now he advises everyone to click on sites they know very well and trust,
because what happened to him can happen to everybody else.

“Beware of what you click on, as it may cost you”

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