Threshold for Child Protection Arouses A New Discussion

Minister of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion Thorkildsen announced that she would present a new reform in a short time. The goal is to bring greater attention to children’s safety when they are subjected to abuse at home.

– The biological principle should not prevent children from growing up in an environment that safeguards the child, said Thorkildsen.

As a response, Christian Democrat Party (KrF) politician Øyvind Håbrekke reacts to Thorkildsen’s proposal.

Talking to NRK, he notes that many children experience very unstable life after they are taken from their families.

– The children minister proposes that we could take the kids out of the home if we see that they are not atached closely enough to their parents. So it is a paradox if child welfare ends up sending the kids around, so they are not attached to anyone, not even to child welfare services. Then it must be cleaned up first, says HÃ¥brekke.

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