Apartheid Practice in Sweden

According to’s report, passengers would go by bus from Eckerölinjen ferry to Aland in Sweden on Wednesday and Thursday and they were forwarded in two different buses, one for “Swedes” and one for “people of foreign appearance”. 

It was a very unpleasant experience,” said one of the non-native Swedish passengers, Samer Chatila, who traveled with his brother and friend.

– When I, my brother and friend would go from the City Terminal to Grisslehamn last Wednesday, we were placed in a bus where we soon discovered that everyone in our bus had foreign appearance. When we looked out the bus window, we saw that everyone in the other bus on the same route were native Swedish, says Samer Chatila who was born in Sweden and currently studying in Ă…land.

Talking to, Chatila said the driver was standing at the entrance and pointing to which bus they would go. Then he accompanied them and made sure that they got on board.

What first looked like a nice service was in fact the driver’s way of dividing the travelers in two groups, said he 

After the case was revealed with the reactions of travelers, CEO of the company Tomas Karlsson made a public statement. Karlson verified the incidents and said he immediately contacted the manager to fire the responsible driver.

He also said that the incidents are just due to the individual decision of a single driver. Karlson stated this type of segregation of passengers is completely contrary to their company policies and they will hold a training session for the drivers on this issue.

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