Women are Drinking More

Norwegian women drink more and more and they are about to take over the men’s drinking patterns, according to VG. Twenty years ago, men drank four times as much as women, but now men drink twice as much as women. General Secretary of Actis (Norwegian Policy Network on Alcohol and Drugs), Anne Karin Kolstad says there are many factors that can explain the growing trend among women.

– We have a concept of “wine widows.” More women break out of marriage and are living alone with children, and drink a greater extent than before.

Kolstad also points out that more women have been in labor market and given leadership positions. The harsh working environment leads to increasing alcohol consumption among women.

This trend also leads to new alcohol abusers in the family, according to Kolstad. She points out that there are more than 150,000 children suffering from parental abuse. Previously it was only husband who drank too much, but now women are involved equally.

General Secretary of Actis also notes that women tolerate less alcohol than men, and that this drinking pattern is dangerous.

– In Europe, 115,000 people die from alcohol annually. In addition, over 11,000 women get breast cancer associated with alcohol use , so this is serious and we have to take it more seriously, says Kolstad.

In this frame, she accuses the government for lack of information among people on the side effects of alcohol by reminding Helsedirektoratet’s survey which showed that 40 percent of Norwegian women think it’s okay to drink during pregnancy.

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