Norway is More Popular for Human Traffickers

So far, up to 30 human trafficiking cases have been handled in Norway. About half of these cases are from Oslo, where police have set up a special group working against trafficking.

The goal of the special group is to prevent, protect victims and prosecute traffickers in cooperation with the countries where a large number of the victims come from.

About Human Trafficking to Norway

People from 52 nations were trafficked to Norway last year, according to the National Police Directorate.

Coordinating Unit for Victims and Trafficking (KOM) of the Police Directorate made the calculations based on the reports of 22 different authorities and organizations.

According to the report, 274 persons were victims of human trafficking by various agencies last year. Those 274 people were 52 different nationalities. Of the 274 people, 65 were minors, 191 were women and 18 were men.

Nigeria, Romania and Lithuania

Like the previous years, Nigeria, Romania and Lithuania were among the nationalities which are most frequently represented. 

187 of the victims, according to the National Police Directorate are likely to have been used in connection with prostitution and other sexual purposes. 66 of the victims were linked to forced labor and forced services, including begging.

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