Norway 2013 Picture is not From Norway at All

You must have seen this picture, if you have some Facebook friends in Norway. Because, it has been quite popular and shared by thousands of people who live in Norway nowadays.  

The picture allegedly shows two road images from Norway and Africa with the slogan of “No to annual road fee”. Under these two images, it is written that “Norwegian aid money goes to road construction in Africa and the annual fee in Norway is not going to the improvement and construction of Norwegian roads.”

But it turns out that “Norway 2013” picture was probably not taken in Norway at all. According to Dagbladet, the same picture has been used for similar protest cases in other countries. 

Even, when you search ” bad road ” in Google, this is the first image that pops up. The image was used on a British motorbike blog. Also in a blog about a road trip through India, the mirrored version of the same picture is presented with a description of bad roads in the country. Moreover, the same image appears on a website that illustrated the road standard in Moldova and Russia. 

The Picture in Africa is from 90s

Moreover, the source of the image from Africa is also speculated. Photographer Bill Hatcher claims on his Facebook page to have taken the picture in South Africa between 1991 and 1992. 

Hatcher also notes that the road was funded by a South African water project, not by Norwegian taxpayers. 

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