Christian Democrats Will Make Religion Teaching Mandatory for Teachers

Talking to VĂĄrtland, deputy chairman of the KrF education committee, Dagrun Eriksen said excluding RLE as a mandatory part of teacher education is to go backwards into the future. KrF politician claims that RLE skills have disappeared when the subject was no longer compulsory in teacher education.

– When students do not have teachers who are confident in their own beliefs and do not know others’ beliefs, it creates more conflict. If students are confident in their religious identity, they will more likely to be tolerant of others, says Eriksen.

Labor party politician Marianne Aasen agrees with Eriksen and says that politicians should look at RLE as an important subject in today’s Norwegian society. She also believes that schools themselves can take action. Teacher training in Oslo and Akershus should prioritize RLE higher than the schools in northern Norway, because student composition is totlally different in south and north of the country, she says.

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