Telenor Joins in Global Network Initiative (GNI) to advance freedom of expression and privacy rights

In addition, the Industry Dialogue is now launching the first version of its set of Guiding Principles, as a starting point for deeper dialogue with stakeholders.

“Today’s launch of our collaboration with GNI as well as our Guiding Principles is a great first step. By working with other major telecoms, seeking support from the GNI as a common platform, and engaging with relevant stakeholders we are making progress on this important journey. Together we are better able to raise the issues and find a common approach to important human rights like freedom of expression and privacy rights on a global level,” said Jon Fredrik Baksaas, President and CEO, Telenor Group.

The Telecommunications Industry Dialogue is a group of global companies that are collaborating to exchange best practices, learnings and tools. Together they created the first set of Guiding Principles, and now with support from GNI, they plan to continue to advance issues of privacy and freedom of expression and engage more extensively with key stakeholders.

“Telecommunications play an essential role facilitating the free flow of information, and today the human rights and economic impacts of the sector are in the global spotlight,” said GNI Executive Director Susan Morgan. “The GNI believes that strength lies in numbers and this is an important opportunity to pursue shared goals and a common approach to human rights.”

The members of the Industry Dialogue are not joining GNI as a part of this collaboration, and the group remains open to other telecommunications companies. There is a review process built into the work that will assess progress during the two years.

About GNI

GNI is a multi-stakeholder group of companies, civil society organizations (including human rights and press freedom groups), investors and academics, who have created a collaborative approach to protect and advance freedom of expression and privacy in the ICT sector. GNI provides resources for ICT companies to help them address difficult issues related to freedom of expression and privacy that they may face anywhere in the world. GNI has created a framework of principles and a confidential, collaborative approach to working through challenges of corporate responsibility in the ICT sector. Read more:

The Telecommunications Industry Dialogue was formed in 2011 to jointly address freedom of expression and privacy risks within the sector. The Industry Dialogue Guiding Principles are available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Turkish. Companies currently participating in the Industry Dialogue are:

  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • France Telecom-Orange
  • Millicom
  • Nokia Siemens Networks
  • Telefonica
  • Telenor
  • TeliaSonera
  • Vodafone

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