Conservatives Present Their 10 Points for a Better Integration

The main criteria for a successful integration is language and work. Through work we learn the language, make contact with people, and a comprehensive understanding of how society works, says Helleland.

The party’s spokoman also suggested they plan to introduce a language assessment before starting school at kindergarten to test kids’ language skills, and ensure follow-up of children who can not speak Norwegian well enough.

Conservatives also believes that companies should be approved in advance so that skilled workers / specialists can begin their work there easily, while the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is processing the application for a work permit. It will free up resources for the treatment of more complicated cases, says Helleland.

– Today, we see that only 5% of immigrants applying for EU countries have higher education or skill, compared to over 50% of those who are granted a residence permit in the United States. Conservatives want a complete change of labor immigration policy by looking at the experience of the EU and the U.S, adds he. 

In the 10 point integration proposal, another stiking suggestion is the introduction of a so-called “Blue Card” based on the model of the U.S. “Green Card” in order to provide qualified personnel to Norway.

Here is the 10- point integration plan of Høyre

  • Strength immigrants’ opportunities through language and work
  • Assess the success criteria for multicultural recruitment
  • Language mapping before starting school
  • Fast Track System for pre-approved companies
  • Blue Card
  • Social activity requirement for welfare recipients
  • Free services in kindergarten when a parent attending introductory courses
  • Authentication Schemes for immigrant education
  • Strength housing policy
  • Language and social knowledge test for citizenship

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