All Norwegian Women to Be Paid for Breastfeeding Breaks

Currently, women employed in the public sector and women with certain collective agreements have been paid breastfeeding breaks. 8500 women who have no collective agreements in the private sector are not entitled to this right, writes Aftenposten

– This is a breakthrough for Norwegian gender equality. The women with the fewest formal rights are a welcome boost. It costs some money, but I’m proud of this regulation, says Inga Marte Thorkildsen.

She believes paid breastfeeding breaks will lead to greater gender equality because women will get faster return to work:

– Wage difference between men and women is still present. A means for men to take more responsibility for their children when they are young is to share parental more equally. Now, more women could return to work earlier, and actually share parental leave more equally with their husband. It gives greater freedom, more equality and less vulnerability, says Thorkildsen.

Equality Minister Thorkildsen believes the proposal will strengthen the position of women in vulnerable occupations.

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