Norwegian Defence League Filing Muslim Organizations and Companies

The list had been compiled on the basis of listings in the Public Entity Registry. Lars Johnny Aardal, deputy leader of the NDL, said that it was published “to show the extent of Islam and Muslims in Norway”. 

In the prologue of the list, NDL wrote: 

“The list is far from complete, and a longer list can be prepared with multiple keywords or keyword changes we have used. We have only included entries under the keywords “Islam, Kurdish, Turkish, Muslim, Iranian, Iraqi, Somali, Pakistani, Arabic, Mohammed, Ali and Hussein.” 

LIM Network (Equality, Integration, Diversity) reacts to NDL by writing the following message on Facebook: 

“NDL has made a list of Muslim organizations in Norway and companies run by people with Muslim names. We can not see that this has something with “Islam criticism” to do. Such list based on religious affiliation evokes unpleasant historical associations, and is likely to cause fear and hostility between groups in society. We, as followers of a peaceful and tolerant multi-ethnic society, react and stand together against all forms of extremism”

Senior scientist at the Norwegian Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities, Terje Emberland, also told VG that such a list had only been made once before in Norway, when an anti-semite in the 1930s published a list of Jewish businesses in Norway. He also said that “In this way, the NDL clearly exposes its character, and aligns with the fascist and racist tradition to which it belongs.”

Deputy in Ungdom mot rasisme (Youth against Racism organization) Khamshajiny Gunaratnam said they wonder what they want to achieve with this list. 

-I also thank NDL! They give me a good idea of the strength of the Muslims for the Norwegian society. Those people organize themselves, start businesses and participate in society Oh, what a delight! Gunaratnam said to Dagbladet. 

About NDL

Norwegian anti-Islamic group closely associated with the English Defence League (EDL). The NDL was formed around New Year 2010/2011, inspired by the EDL which had been formed in 2009. There were conflicts regarding the leadership of the group, and it was immersed in a struggle involving multiple competing factions in early 2011. The group was eventually led by Lena Andreassen for about a month until she was dismissed following a failed demonstration that was held on April 9, 2011. 

The role of Anders Behring Breivik in founding the organization 

Following the 2011 Norway attacks on 22 July, it was revealed that the admitted terrorist Anders Behring Breivik had formerly been a member of the NDL. Breivik has been identified as a member of the NDL under the pseudonym “Sigurd Jorsalfar” (after the medieval Norwegian crusader-king Sigurd the Crusader). 

The first documented initiative for establishing a Norwegian sister organization to the EDL had also originated in a forum post by Breivik on the Norwegian website on December 6, 2009. 

There Breivik proposes to establish a Norwegian version of the English Defence League. 

Mayoral candidates discussing killings

On August 4, 2011, TV 2 revealed that HĂĄvar Krane, a mayoral candidate in Kristiansund for the marginal, right-wing Democrats party[40] who had served as the leader of the NDL for three weeks during an early transitional period, had talked about his desire of “putting a Glock in the neckhole” of Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and “blocking all the exits with Molotov cocktails” during the government cabinet’s Christmas dinner. The secretly recorded informal conversation between Krane and Kaspar Birkeland, another member of the Democrats party and mayoral candidate in neighboring Ă…lesund, had taken place during a meeting in Oslo organized by the Stop Islamisation of Norway group in February 2011.

According to TV 2, an investigation in late August of the electoral lists for the 2011 local elections revealed that eight politicians, representing five different parties, had been members of the NDL’s Internet forum. 

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