Norwegian Kristoffer Fights against Legalizeing GM Corn

The petition, published on online community petition service by Avaaz, aims to collect 10.000 signatures to be submitted to Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. Here is the full petition text:

I am a Norwegian 26 years old boy/man from the Vest part of Norway and I live on a farm with organic dairy cows. 

I have a little vegetable garden that I grow organic.

It is really important that the farmers/people have the power to grow their own food and seeds without paying fees to the big global companies.

We need healthy soil and groundwater for our and generations to come.

This type of GM corn is: Roundup-ready corn. It means that the corn does not die if the farmers spray Roundup on the corn, but all the other plants that grow in between dies. The corn will then contain roundup when it’s ready to eat.

Afterwards the Roundup goes down in the groundwater.

I fear more use of Roundup after an eventual legalization of GM corn nk603. 

Scientists have found out that rats get cancer from eating this corntype: 

Monsanto have the patent on both the corn and Roundup. 

It’s obvious that Monsanto only will make more money and thay want more power.

If you control the seeds you control the people.

Let the people control their own seeds.

Yes to a GMfree, poisonfree and natural world.

So far, Kristoffer N. has collected about 600 signatures. 

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