Horse Meat Scandal Brings Norwegian Tradition Back on Table

Last week, Mattilsynet decided to apply DNA testing on all meat products and ready meals in Norway. The reason for the decision is that several retailers in recent weeks have found unmarked horse meat lasagna manufactured abroad. The scandal extends across several European countries.

According to TV2, message from food writer in Dagbladet Andreas Viestad however is simpler: Eat food that your grandmother can recognize.

– One of the things I think is scary is that the processed food has been through many hands and many institutions that we do not know, and that we do not trust, says Viestad to TV 2

He compares it with whomever we choose to bring into our house and whom we allow help to educate our children, calling the food we take into the house as part of the household and the upbringing. And if there is something we can not trust, it’s not good, according to the famous chef.

Viestad believes that much of the processed food we eat today is food that any grandmother would be confused about its ingredients. So, there is a simple question to ask: When you go to the store ask yourself “what plant, fish, or animal it is I buy now?”

– If you can not answer it very easily, so there is a reason why you should pass it and move on to something you can recognize, says he.

Good and Inexpensive Norwegian Food

Viestad also says that Norwegians today use less money on food than they have ever done in the course of history, but he think it is important to use both time and money on food, even if it is expensive.

– It helps to improve quality of life and it is just as important as having thin TVs or nice bathrooms, says he.

He also notes that good food is not necessarily expensive, and it’s time to rediscover the good traditional simple Norwegian food culture.

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