Snus (Snuff) May Be Prohibited at All Secondary Schools

According to the regulation, students will not be able to smoke and use snuff neither on school ground or outside of school hours. Teachers also will drop all tobacco on school grounds, but can still use tobacco off campus.

In seven Norwegian counties, there are already a total tobacco ban at high schools. In Hordaland, public order rules for high schools prohibit both tobacco and smokeless tobacco on school grounds. With the proposed amendment,  it can be prohibited by law.

The proposal will be considered by health care committee in early March. But the members of health care committee think that it will be difficult to enforce the ban due to the difficulty to supervise the use of snuff.

About Snuff (Snus)

Swedish snuff, is a moist powder tobacco product originated from a variant of dry snuff in the early 19th century in Sweden, consumed by placing it under the lip for extended periods of time. The precursor of snus, the dry form of snuff inhaled through the nose, was introduced in Europe much earlier. Snus is a form of snuff that is used in a manner similar to American dipping tobacco, but typically does not result in the need for spitting. Snus is also unique in that it is steam-pasteurized rather than fire-cured, is not fermented and contains no added sugar. The sale of snus is illegal in the European Union, but due to exemptions, it is still manufactured and consumed primarily in Norway and Sweden.

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