EOS Investigating Allegations of Political Surveillance

On Tuesday evening, Norwegian state television NRK published the story of an infiltrator named Christian Høiby, who worked as informants for PST over a period of 10 years. Høiby spied primarily on the Norwegian leftist organizations, International Socialists (IS) and Blitz. He also confessed that he gave the membership and subscription lists from Internsjonale Socialists to PST.

In response, PST took highly unusual step and confirmed that Høiby had worked for them and  had done a good job for them.

The surveilance case has stirred up a debate in Norway since Tuesday.  Leftist groups and parties reacted to both PST and Justice Ministry. Hall Geir Langeland from Socialist Left Party (SV) wanted the Intelligence Oversight Committee (EOS) to investigate the matter. 

Now EOS published a press release stating that they start investigation because the issue has created so much attention. Head of EOS, Eldbjørg Løwer said the parliamentary committee appointed an investigation team to speak with the management of PST and staff. They will also go through the archives and registers at PST.

-We feel a responsibility to find out the facts in this case, said Løwer to Aftenposten. The head of committee also said that they will inspect whether an individual is registered on false grounds.

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