New Drug Regulation in Norway

The new regulation defines what is drug in a more precise way than before. This will make it easier for police, customs and the judiciary to determine whether a substance is considered drugs in Norway. 

The regulation provides access to list of the groups of substances, that allows the government to a greater extent predefine newly developed drugs.  In the list adopted as part of the regulation, 10 groups of substances are listed. These groups cover the vast majority of the newly developed psychotropic drugs that was uncovered since 2011.

Explosion of New Drugs in Europe and Norway

49 new drugs were registered in Europe last year. Many of them have appeared in Norway.

According to Norwegian News Agency -ANB’s report, more than 25 new drugs have found their way to Norway this year.

This is the largest number ever reported in a single year, an increase from 24 in 2009. 

National Institute of Drug Abuse (SIRUS) does not expect a decline in the following year. A synthetic cannabis, called cathinones (mephedrone, MDPV), accounts for most of the increase.

Also, the annual report by the European Drug Agency describes a marked change in the European cannabis market. The general trend is that the imported drug is now being replaced by products grown within the host countries’ borders. 29 of the 30 European countries report to the EU drugs agency that there is a certain cultivation of marijuana and hashish. 

How A Foreign Drugstore Differs From A Local Pharmacy

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