Police Surrounds Norwegian Parliement against Bomb Threat

According to TV2, after the release of the first suspect, police has started to follow a new suspect.

Threat situation that has characterized Wednesday night began when a passenger called police in Asker and reported about a fellow having had made threats. The threats included targeting  the Parliament. The suspect took the bus from Hønefoss to Sandvika and took a taxi to Lambertseter region of Oslo. Police took the threats seriously and took action against an apartment in Lambertseter and arrested a man at 4:30 o’clock.

41 residents in the neighboring block were also evacuated with a bus. Police did not find any weapons in the apartment. The man in his 30s was released after questioning and checked out of the case.

– We suspect that there is another suspect, and the search is now on for the person in different locations, says police operations manager AndrĂ© KrĂĄkenes to TV 2

Oslo police announced that they are working on several tracks on the matter and  they will come up with more details later. 

The armored polices continue to patrol around the parliement.

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