Demanding Armed Guards on Important Industrial Facilities in Norway

– This may be a good solution for onshore facilities for the oil and gas, but also for other strategically important industrial plants, says Bernard Duncan Lyng to Bergens Tidende .

Lyng noted that it is possible to find a good number of employees who have completed their compulsory military service, and suggested that they should receive training for weapon systems, then they have the ability to mobilize for a particular plan if there is suspicion of a terrorist attack.

The police are responsible for dealing with terrorist attacks, while the military can assist if needed. But Lyng believes police preparedness is inadequate.

– Every police district interprets threat assessments differently, and they also have difficulty in communicating and collaborating. We saw this miscommunication during the terrorist attack of 22 July. It can take a long time for the police to get to the place. Nothing is more efficient and cheaper than having what I suggested, said Lyng.

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