Exorcism is Getting Trendy

TV2 covered the trending exorcism activities in Europe and Norway in an exclusive report. Many people think of exorcism as a phenomenon from the Middle Ages that currently belong to films, but the number of countries demanding for demon casting increase. Therefore, Vatican must now educate many more exorcists, according to the report.

The number of inquiries is also growing here in Norway, confirms press officer at Oslo Catholic church, Paul Bratbak. He also tells the Catholic church in Norway has a real exorcist. But this person wishes to remain anonymous.

– It is by their own choice. If he gets phone calls from anyone who thinks they are occupied by the demons, he goes for help.

It is only this exorcist who are allowed to carry demon casting out under the auspices of the Catholic church in Norway. While the number of requests increases,  the church has the challenge to meet the demand sometimes.

According to Bratbak, most people who contact need psychiatric help. Therefore, the church has a permanent psychiatrist they consult. Everyone going through an exorcism must be investigated by this psychiatrist in advance.

– The psychiatrist’s role is both to verify that there exists a medical explanation of the phenomena which the person experiences, and to confirm that the person is strong enough to undergo an exorcism, explains Bratbak.

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