Man Declared Dead Comes to Life in Norway

The drama unfolded last week in a private apartment in Stord. Late at night, the the man in his 40s had a heart attack. An ambulance from Fonna and a doctor from the local emergency services arrived at the spot and gave him immediate treatment, according to Bergene Tidens’ report.

Attempts at resuscitation did not seem to help and the doctor declared the man dead at the scene. The health personnel alerted police about the death. When two police officers arrived at the apartment, they were told that the man had a cardiac arrest for 45 minutes and died. Also the man’s parents came to the apartment, and were informed that their son had passed away.

But everything has changed after the police’s order for autopsy on the relatively young man. During the autopsy preparation, the victim made gestures showing that he was clearly not a dead person. The paramedics immediately initiated life-saving measures, and the man was taken to hospital by ambulance.

The police and the hospital authrities have initiated an investigation about the case.

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