For a Healthier Skin in Winter

In winter, skin is exposed to many external factors that enhance its irritability. This is even more increased in Nordic countries where the meteo shows minus degrees several months a year.

With the first snowflakes drops, the largest organ in the human body undergoes the temperature’s change, especially when one alternates heated indoors with freezing outdoors. In these conditions, many struggle also with eczema because of wearing warm and tight clothes that rub against the body. Some treatments to heal from FLU, dry out mucous membranes of the respiratory system but also dehydrate the skin. And radiations, in mountainous areas in particular, harm the skin if not protected.

How to welcome the season of cold?

To spend a cozy winter with less dermatologic troubles, the key solution is to keep the skin moisturized.

TNP has contacted one of the world’s most-requested professional skin care brand in order to know about the measures one can take to protect the skin when the weather gets colder. Dermalogica proposes then, to use a humidifier at home and at work to compensate the lack of humidity in the air. It is important to avoid harsh cleaning products and hot water that repels moisture from the skin. Gear you up with a moisturizing spray and a lip balm that you can apply as often as possible. Finally, the use of UV protection is imperative even in winter.

The products and care treatments set aside, the beauty of the skin is closely related to a healthy life style. This combines a psychological and a nutritional parts. Indeed, one should manage Stress, find time for relaxation, and respect her/his biological clock especially for the sleeping hours. A balanced diet, rich in fatty acids, is also necessary to cope with a dry skin. Therefore, priority should be given, while concocting a dish, to fatty fish, nuts and olive oil.

Is there a difference between woman’s and man’s skin?

Dermalogica says that they are similar in their structure, but man’s skin often has more hair and higher sebum’s production. Man’s skin is also stronger because it produces more collagen than woman’s. Beside shaving problems, man often has more blackheads and pimples, because his skin is usually oilier. A skin care routine of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing care will help prevent breakouts and keep the skin healthy.

Women in Colombia are granted access to computers at a local library through FITE.

Mixing the pleasant and the useful

Dermalogica is not only offering a line of products to deal with various skin issues, it uses them also as a vehicle to educate the larger public about the positive change that can be reached through empowering women.

In fact, Dermalogica is collaborating with to support the Financial Independence Trough Entrepreneurship (FITE) initiative. It is about a philanthropy platform that connects the user to women entrepreneurs who need a hand up. The objective is to provide women with small loans so they can start or expand a business, and improve their quality of life. Microfinance gives them better chances to aspire to a brighter future.

Talking About Medication Costs Yields Rewards

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