Stolen Art Pieces from Norway May Be in China

Noah Charney, who has a doctorate in art theft at Cambridge University in England, told the local newspaper Bergens Tidende that the new rich Chinese get interested in return of the artworks West stole from their country a hundred years ago.

– They show off these art works with great pride and justify the re-seize of stolen goods that used to belong to them. It is considered positive that someone makes sure that these pieces are “liberated,” says Charney.

About the Case

Two thieves broke into the Museum of Decorative Arts in Bergen at 5:20 o’clock Friday night and spent 90 seconds to get away with 25 ancient Chinese art objects in porcelain, jade, bronze and paper. Thieves broke into through a window, shattering glasses before they left the museum with the stolen goods.

According to Charney, many Chinese, especially in the more nationalist sections of the Communist Party of China, suggests that the western countries in the last half of the 1800s stole a huge number of art objects and antiques from the country’s 4,000 years of history.

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