Fireworks Ban Debate Reopens

13 men, three children and one woman were injured by fireworks in Norway. Five of the injured suffered serious eye damage. 

One of the fieworks victims who has lost his left eye’s sight says that fireworks should be be banned. What happened to my eye is a little bit my fault, and I can not blame those who created it, but I should not have been able to buy fireworks at all, said he.

In 2008, missiles with control stick were prohibited, while other tpes of fireworks are still permitted. The ban immediately gave positive results with a sharp decline in the number of injuries. But, many still suffer eye injuries related to the use of fireworks. 

– Since the ban on missiles with joysticks was introduced in 2008, the number of people injured by fireworks significantly reduced, but we are still not satisfied, says the justice and public safety minister Grete Faremo.

She said their goal is to get rid of any use of illegal fireworks and reduce the damage caused by improper use of legal fireworks.

– Everyone has a responsibility to be careful when dealing with fireworks. And I would especially encourage the use of protective eyewear. Excessive alcohol consumption also increases the risk of fireworks, says Faremo.

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