Children Write Letters to Breivik

Ila prison has delivered a series of letters and drawings from politically engaged minors.

Talking to NTB, Breivik’s lawyer, Tord Jordet confirms that his client has received many letters from children and young people.

After the incident, the prison management decided to notify Barneven. Child welfare has so taken action and contacted the children’s parents. 

Love letters from boys and girls

One of the letters Breivik received was a declaration of love from a 16 year old girl. It is not the only love letter Breivik has recived from the boys and girls under the age of 18.

Breivik’s lawyer Jordet thinks that children and young people have freedom of speech, and there is no legal basis for refusing to disclose a letter from the minors.

Ila prison confiscates letters if there is any concrete criminal statement, or the formation of networks for the implementation of crime. All letters are read, checked and if necessary censored.

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