Merry Christmas on Both Cakes

According to VG Nett, Kystverket pilots ordered two cakes for Christmas from a baker last year. When the baker asked if there would be something on the cakes, it would be great to write “Merry Christmas” on both cakes, said regional director of Kystverket, Harald Tronstad  to the baker. But when they received the order, they were amazed with what they saw:

Instead of two marzipan cakes, writing “Merry christmas”,  there was only one cake, writing “Merry Christmas on Both cakes.” 

It was a Polish employee at the bakery who received the order. CEO of the bakery Marianne Walderhaug says  their employee was not very fluent in Norwegian that time. It was both embarrasing and fun, says she. 

This image is used in communication lectures for pilots in addition to creating laughter among them

– The pilots communicate with each other from different ships, and the image has been used as an example of how misscommunication ends up, says Tronstad. 

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