Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony Interrupts the Life in Norway

Herman van Rompuy, José Manuel Barroso and Martin Schulz will receive the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the European Union. The three has attended a press conference at the Nobel Institute in Oslo at 13.00, before the Nobel committee meetings and signing of the famous Nobel protocol.

EU troika will attend to all the official events in the next few days, including greeting of the audience from the balcony of the Grand Hotel.

Protest March

Following the press conference at 16.00, there will be a torchlight march in the city center from Youngstorget to the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget)to protest tthis year’s winner, EU.

The “ordinary” torchlight march, which is meant as tribute to the Laureate, will be held on Monday evening.

Air defense and border control

As 21 European leaders attend the ceremonies, the security measures taken by the Norwegian authorities are at the highest level. Border controls have been intensified to prevent “unwanted people” to get into the country before the peace prize.

Until Wednesday, 12 December, only military, police, ambulance helicopters will be allowed to fly over Oslo. Also, several streets in the capital will be closed, until the EU leaders go back to the airport for returning home.

The area around the City Hall will be closed. Additionally, the three blocks around the Akershus Fortress will not be open for traffic. Moreover, the authorities warn about police controls and traffic jam due to limousines and minibuses escorted by police.

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