Research Project in Oslo Led to Brain Damage

A brain surgeon at the hospital has removed tissue from the brains of 122 patients in the frame of a research project, according to TV 2 . The case was revealed with an anonymous letter about the mysterious research project. After taking of samples, two of the three injured patients suffer cerebral hemorrhage and the last patient is dead, but it is unclear whether it is related to sampling.

The brain surgeon admits to the Board of Health at least two brain hemorrhages is a direct consequence of the tissues that were taken from the patients.

Research Director Erlend Smeland at Oslo University Hospital said that the hospital takes the issue very seriously and noted the samples were taken in connection with a research on brain surgery.

– The study was suspended because of these two complications. We must see if it is sufficient to change the procedure and whether we need to provide better patient information in the future, says Smeland.

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