Ice Cold Weather Prevails in Norway throughout the Week

The snow is late in many parts of the country, and the cold weather has reached an unbearable level. Over 30 monitoring stations in Norway, the temperature was under minus 20 degrees at yesterday night. The coldest region was Filefjell with 32.3 celcius degrees. 

This ice cold air does not seem to go away anytime soon. Meteorologist Arild Mentzoni said to that this weather condition will be effective throughout the week and lack of wind will lead to poorer air quality.

On Friday, a low pressure is expected from the west and it can provide some precipitation in the form of snow in Agder, Rogaland, some parts of Telemark and Oslo.

Yet, meterologists stress there is still great uncertainty.

– Essentially it is cold and dry, but there may be some weak low pressure along the coast that can lead to some snow fall, said meteorologist Mette Skjerdal.

Skjerdal also noted that there may be slightly milder weather this weekend but it will be still very cold.

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