Fox Steals Phone and Sends SMS

In Norway, a fox stole a cell phone from two teenagers, and then it began to answer the phone calls and send text messages, reports VG.

The stealing of the phone occurred in the forest, where the 16-year-old Lars Björk and his friend came to test a phone application, the developers oh which promise that it will draw attention of animals by creating natural sounds. 

They really quickly attracted a young fox, which was attracted by the cellphone. At one point, the animal caught the phone and carried it to the forest. The process of stealing was captured with the camera by two friends.

Teens decided to call the stolen phone hoping that someone will pick it up. After a while, someone picked up the phone and the strange sound and puffing were heard. Lars thought that the fox accidentally pressed the answer button.

The following day, Lars’s friend received a strange text message from the phone which he believes the fox somehow sent.

“I FRY o a0ab 34348tu åaugjoi zølbmosdji jsøg ijio sjiw,” the message said.

“Apparently, she wanted to give us a message. Maybe she tried to inform that we will never get the phone back “- jokes Lars Björk.

In video footage of the theft, a fox can be seen cautiously approaching the phone before picking it up in its mouth and running off.

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