Investigation of 22 July Terrorist Attacks Starts in Parliement

The day before the extensive 22 July hearings began in Parliament, Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs went on the inspection of the government quarter and Utøya. Forensics and representatives of the local police and emergency squad showed politicians around the island on Monday.

– There is much to be read in the report, but to speak to those who were actually there, those who saw the situation, did the assessments and those who arrested the perpetrator give more info than reading about it, said committee member Anders Anundsen (FRP) to TV2.

The main task of the committee is to find out what is the cause, and who has responsibility for the failures on 22 July. They will also look at why the warnings were not taken seriously, and the reason for the abrogation of responsibility that occurred in the ministries. Finally, they also investigate why the training and management failed.

Today, five representatives of the relatives and survivors of 22 July attacks meet the committee. They will tell how relatives and survivors have been treated in the aftermath of the terrorist attack.

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