Found One Million NOK Hidden in a Rocking Chair

Oslo customs made a big catch when they checked travelers who were going to Copenhagen in the afternoon of October 1st. A rocking chair in a car boarding the cruise ship heading to Copenhagen caught the customs officers interest.

– The rocking chair is bought in Denmark and now I want to bring it back, the 40 year old Norwegian man explained to the customs officers.

The officers decided to do a more thorough check of the rocking chair, and took the man and his vehicle to the control garage.

X-rayed the rocking chair

Customs officials discovered several packages when they x-rayed the rocking chair. The packages proved to contain large quantities of Norwegian banknotes counted to be a million Norwegian krones. Oslo police were notified about customs seizure and took responsibility for the further investigation of currency smuggling.

– Customs has also requested forfeiture of the full amount, office manager Johan Paul Ash said.

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