Russian Neo-Nazis Admire Child Killer Breivik

Norwegian TV 2 met one of Russia’s most notorious neo-Nazis, Maksim Tesak. He is the former leader of the banned ORGANISATI Format 18 in Russia, where today he is regarded as a significant leader in the ultra-nationalist environment.

Talking to TV2, Tesak describes terrorist Breivik as a wonderful human being. He admires him very much and would very much like to have met him and talked with him.

– I do not know how prosecutors will deal with this, but he did a great job, said Tesak about Breivik’s terrorist actions. 

– They say he killed the children on this island. In reality this was not the kids at all. These were soldiers in the ideological war against Norway. Why did he not have a video camera on his rifle? It would have been the most popular video in the world now, produced by the artist himself, said neo-Nazi leader Maksim Tesak.

Every year, the Russian neo-Nazis and nationalists  mark their disgust towards other immigration during the so-called Russian march. The support for Breivik’s thoughts and actions in Russia is increasing and understandable, believes one of the key people for this event.

– Not everyone here in Russia have negative attitudes against what Breivik did. Some believe it was a heroic act, says nationalist leader Alexander Belov.

“Breivik Party, Utøya – Tyrifjorden” and “Norway 22.07.2011 – Fight for the people!” signs decorate t-shirts that can be purchased at the extreme right websites in Russia. 

About Maxim Tesak

In July 2007, “Tesak” was arrested and then sentenced to 3 years in prison under article 282, part 2, of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Incitement to Ethnic Strife with the Threat of the Use of Violence,” punishable by 3-5 years imprisonment). He was released in 2010 after serving his sentence.

At the time of his arrest, Martsinkevich was studying architecture at Russian State Social University.

He prefers to be called by his street name “Tesak”, meaning hatchet/machete. When questioned about it, Maxim said it was because he had a passion for knives.

Format18 was best known for uploading extremely violent propaganda films to their website. The Russian police closed both websites (Format18 and the NSO-Website) after the arrest of Martsinkevich. Martsinkevich and members of Format18 group appeared on the TV show “Ross Kemp on Gangs: Russian neo-nazis”, as well as on Current TV’s “From Russia with Hate”.

On January 2nd 2011, a video was released on YouTube with his name. This channel became the 6th most subscribed channel on YouTube in Russia that week. Martsinkevich has over 10,000 ’friends’ on his account in a Russian social network service VKontakte. 

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