School Principal Convicted of Watching Child Pornography

Norwegian daily {VG} reported that police revealed the case after the school principal’s estranged wife got a computer expert to find out why their home computer worked slowly. After being notified, the police ransacked the principal’s office and residence. A total of five computers were seized. National Criminal Investigation Service ({Kripos}) examined the computers and found at least 350 images and two videos showing {child abuse}. It was noted some  of the seized pictures and videos even belonged to the children who are as low as ten. 

The defendant admits having been on {porn} sites on the internet about once a week for several years, but he denied having been on the illegal websites. Principal’s advocate argued in court that his client could be a victim of hacking from strangers.  

Yet, the court emphasized that surfing has taken place over a period of several years and on different computers. Also it was noted that the principal’s Facebook profile, e-mail and online banking were used temporally close to surfing on the illegal websites. 

More pictures in the documents were rejected because they were found on a computer that was purchased before the ban on child pornography in 2005. The court, however, sentenced the principal to jail for 21 days – with a probation period of two years. In addition, the headmaster will pay fine of 5,000 NOK. 

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