What Did Norwegian Forces Change in Afghanistan?

Norwegian daily {Aftenposten} published an article by Robert Mood, who previously directed the Norwegian force in Syria. In the article, Mood discussed the results of Norwegian military presence in {Afghanistan}. He wrote that he is unsure whether the effort in Afghanistan was worth it. Furthermore, he questioned Norwegian soldiers’ contribution to peace in the country. 

“I do not have all the answers. I’m not sure whether more than 7,000 Norwegian veterans have helped make Afghanistan more peaceful. I do not know if they have helped to make the situation worse. I’m not sure about the Norwegian effort was worth it, “he writes. 

Mood argued that it should be debated whether military intervention was effective, after so many lives have been sacrificed in Afghanistan. 

– It is the same debate we must take on the intervention in Iraq, and about the very noticeable absence of intervention in Syria, writes Mood. 

At the same time, he suggested that ISAF’s efforts have ensured Afghanistan was not a haven for terrorism, and the Afghans have a unique opportunity to shape their own future. 

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