Norwegian Sperm Bank Imported Semen from Controversial Danish Nordic Cryobank

According to NRK’s report, the demand for donor sperm in Norway is increasing. In 2010, the demand was even higher and all the inventory in the country was empty.

Sperm bank in Haugesund, struggling to get enough donors, began importing semen from Denmark, with the approval from the Health Directorate. In this frame, the sperm bank signed an agreement with Danish sperm bank Nordic Cryobank to buy semen. Then, it was revelaed that the Danish sperm bank broke the rules and failed to report that one of their donors had serious disease neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1).

The ill donor’s semen at the Nordic Cryobank resulted in 43 children and at least nine of them have inherited the serious disease. 18 children of these children are in Norway.

The coalition government in Denmark is now considering whether Nordisk Cryobank can be deprived of its license to carry on, and the sperm bank in Haugesund will now consider whether to keep the sperm from the controversial bank.

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