22 July Terror Cannot Be Forgotten

A new study from the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress (NKVTS) reveals that over 70 percent of the youths who survived the terrorist attack on Utøya have been suffering from anxiety or depression in hindsight, and many say they are struggling even in everyday chores.

One of the survivors, Kristoffer Nyborg says that life is different now and he is more easily scared of things.

– Some days, it feels as if I just get up on the wrong leg. The whole day is marked by that feeling, often combined with nightmares and poor sleep, he said.

He is not alone. Seven out of ten of those who have survived from Utøya have been suffering from one or more symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Nearly half of those surveyed say they have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Also, parents are struggling after the massacre at Utøya. Over 40 percent of parents say that they are much troubled by one or more symptoms of depression or anxiety, the study shows.

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