“Politi-virus” Can Destroy Your Computer

A virus that has plagued several other countries has now reached Norway, writes TV2. If your computer is locked and a page appears from the so-called police on the screen, your computer is infected.

The experts state that there’s no easy way to get rid of the virus, and for most people it means that everything on their PC must be deleted and reinstalled. 

How does it look?

On the screen, it is written in red fonts: Attention! Your PC is blocked for at least one of the following reasons: “You have seen or have distributed illegal pornographic content” and referred to various paragraphs in law.

The makers of the virus also write that fine for these crimes is up to 80,000 NOK, but if you pay 1000 NOK or 100 Euro within 72 hours, you can avoid from a criminal offense. 

The police warns the users not to pay the amount and make backup copies of important documents and pictures on their computer as well as update operating system and antivirus programs.

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