Married Couple Charged with Rape of The Wife’s Lover

When the husband came home and found his wife with her lover, he got furious and punished the man. Now both the husband (46) and his wife (32) are charged with rape, writes Dagbladet.

Rape allegedly took place in the couple’s apartment in Oslo on the night of 20 september. Both the woman and the man denies culpability for rape. According to the woman’s defense Truls Dramer she once had a relationship with the victim while the marriage was in a turbulent period. She tried to end the relationship with her lover, but he was not interested in it. 

In the evening in question, her husband was away but suddenly came home. Then he discovered that they had been together, says Dramer to Dagbladet. 46-year-old husband explained to the police that he and his wife had agreed to punish her lover. 

The furious husband tied up his wife’s lover in the basement. There he was detained for 15 hours and raped, according to police. However, the husband denied raping accusation. 

The husband is imprisoned for four weeks, while the court found that the 32-year-old woman could only be detained in custody for two weeks. The court states that her role and involvement are not fully clarified. 

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