Demonstration against Anti-Islamic Movie in Oslo

The organizer of the demonstration, Mehtab Afsar said to TV 2 that the location was chosen because they considered it as a neutral ground and they do not want to go in front of the Parliament or the U.S. Embassy. 

– I suppose Youngstorget is a politically neutral place. We do not think the authorities are responsible for the misdeeds of a few people, said Mehtab Afsar, secretary general of the Islamic Council of Norway.

Afsar also hoped everyone to keep away from intolerance mentality and treat each other with respect.

– All mosques is behind this message. We want a peaceful markup. We have a good feeling this will be such, says Afsar.

Best answer is not to Attend to Demonstration

On the other hand, Director of Islam Net Norway, Fahad Qureshi thinks it is better to engage in social activities and discussions rather than having demonstration on the streets.

– I think it makes more sense to answer back by getting involved in the community, participate in discussions and answer back in an unbiased manner, says Fahad Qureshi, head of Islam Net to TV2.

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