Bomb Threat in Stavanger

According to the local newspaper, Aftenbladet, employees and visitors at the building, where are offices of various instituions, were immediately evacuated after the police received the bomb threat.

The police got the message at around 14.00 on Wednesday. About three minutes later, operations manager Trygve Ravndal said that situation will be clarified shortly.Ā 

Ravndal also noted that members of the county council was at the building for a meeting and the bomb threat may be related to a decision they took. He also said that they have a suspect related to the case.

TV2 reported that it may be a false alarm, but police still do not let employees back to work.

Statens Hus is situated in LagƄrdsveien 44, Stavanger and contains the State Educational Loan Fund Institute, the County Committee for Social Affairs, Bishop of Stavanger, Barne Huse in Stavanger and Customs Directorate.

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