Student Society Admission Rule Turns into a Deadly Game

According to local newspaper DT, the girl’s mother was shocked to learn about the rules of Gevjon, a school society for girls at Drammen High School. The candidate girls were forced to eat raw animal heart and beat each other in the middle of the city’s main square, her mother said.

Her father also verified the cruel rules of admission and how his daughter had been through the same process. 

After she ate raw deer heart on Wednesday night, 16-year-old got an allergic reaction and was picked up by an ambulance. She recovered and was sent home. On Friday, she got diarrhea and fever. On Sunday, she was admitted to the hospital with high fever.

The desperate father expressed his frustration about the authorities’ indifference to this kind of ceremony.

– The police know what this is about, and they allow the event, he says. The doctors said that my daughter’s condition can be life threatening due to E. coli inflection.

The mother told that they did not know about the details of the secret ceremony as only students were allowed. Afterward, they learned that their daughter was blindfolded and forced to eat a raw animal heart in addition to raw seafood and drink dirty water.

About Gevjon and Fraternitas

Fraternitas is North Europe’s oldest student society having roots to the 19th century. The society was established by male students of the high school to be based on lyric poetry and brotherhood. As female students were not allowed into the society, they started their own in 1911 calling it Gevjon. During the World War 2, the admission rules were changed to be able to eliminate Nazis that wanted to be a part of the societies.

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